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Resilience Thinking: Optimizing for Efficiency

I read a brilliant little book on resilience titled, “Resilience Thinking: Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World.” In this little gem of a book, Walker and Salt point out what other resilience researchers and practitioners have noted, and that is resilience thinking is […]

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On Healing

Not long ago, I sat with one of my students, wracked with pain and grief, as she sobbed tears of suffering.  I felt so deeply for her.  She was under the impression that she, and she alone, was the only one suffering in high school.  […]

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The Man in the Arena

Today, I want to share a speech that has had meaning to me for many years.  This short speech was delivered in Paris on April 23rd, 1910 by then former president Theodore Roosevelt. The speech was actually titled, Citizenship in a Republic, but later became […]

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Resilience Protective Factors II

I agree with Buddhists and the Christians, there will be suffering in life.  The Buddha, teaching on the Four Noble truths, states in the first truth that there is suffering in life.  Christians, throughout Scripture and history, have suffered with Christ crucified. Suffering takes many […]

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Language of Resilience II

In this follow up post to the Language of Resilience I, I continue to share words and phrases, the language of resilience, to help reinforce the concepts and ideas of resilience. These words and phrases of resilience are words that I have noted in conferences or through […]

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Language of Resilience I

In this post, I would like to introduce the beautiful language of resilience.  As I have studied resilience and attended various conferences, I have highlighted words and phrases, the language of resilience, that resonate with me. These simple words and phrases are a fun and […]

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Vicarious Resilience: Resilient Schools

Over the summer of 2015, I had the opportunity to attend a four-day resilience conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the Resilience Research Center. Halifax is beautiful and I loved it.  I was impressed with Canada and I would like to take my family back […]

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Resilience What is Resilience? The short definition of resilience is: Adversity + Doing well = Resilience. A person or system is doing well, they face a traumatic event, and then in the future they are doing well again.  This ability to recoil and bounce back […]

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