About Kelly

I began a firefighting career at age 20 and retired 25 years later to begin a new career as a teacher.  11998915_1475835362743359_3417491883730726393_nThough I fought fire for most of my life, I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I retired. My firehouse comrades joked about a vision they had for me, they could see me driving a convertible MG with a tweed coat and teaching philosophy at the college.  Well, in some ways I have landed, because I am now a teacher and I love it.

During my fire service career I held the positions of firefighter, paramedic, captain, battalion chief, division chief of operations, and training chief.  Of these positions, I found grace and peace in backseat firefighting and working as shift battalion chief.  In total, I have responded to over 15,000 emergency incidents.  Most of these incidents were “routine,” but a few were incredibly complex.  I’ve also had the opportunity to train with firefighters in international contexts, learning different methods of firefighting.

Today, I am interested in the intentional design of personal and community resilience, how people and social ecologies might pre-design for strong.  Society moves too quick for me, and perhaps the only way I can make sense of it is to step back, slow down, and consider the broader system. I am also interested in resilience because so many of my students suffer, they hurt, and I want them to have positive, resilient outcomes.

I love my family, my amazing students, and puppies.  To me, dogs are truly man’s best friend.  I am fond of craft beer, artisan bread, good soup, and being surrounded by community.  I am an avid reader, I enjoy blogging and expressing my thoughts and observations, and I like to consider life through a “resilience” lens.  I currently live in Montana and I seem to have found a deeper peace in the open space, mountains, sparse population, and big, blue sky.  I agree with Steinbeck, I may be in love with Montana.

Thanks for stopping by.  Peace on your journey, traveler.